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President of TCA

I strongly believe that the combination of continuous education and hands-on experience gives us the edge that clients need for successful programs. “So many professionals will read a book and call themselves ‘consultants, ‘ but we believe our years of experience in leading the charge gives our customers an advantage." All the associates involved with TCA have at least 20 years’ of implementation experience at gemba (the actual place where value happens). They are not just merely academic Lean instructors.

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5S (6S)Workplace Organization and Visual Order are an investment that yield vital benefits.

June 2015. Clients are telling us that their lack of 5S Workplace Organization is their main struggle in their journey to becoming World Class and hindering their Continuous Improvement goals.

One client recently confided that before they could begin a much needed consolidation project, they had to get the shop floor "in order!" We need to better understand that we spend too much time looking for tools and parts. "Our lack of cleanliness is embarassing when our customers visit."

Another client visited a facility where their 5S Implementations had revealed huge success. They wanted the same results and called TCA.

Manufacturing companies have a growing, market-driven need to adopt World Class operating technologies, including 5S principles. Understanding the program's importance and knowing how to get started are the most important steps; but even more important is creating a culture for sustainment of your program.

Workplace organization and visual order are the foundation of excellence in manufacturing. The company that has implemented 5S displays a level of visual clarity that many organizations have never dreamed of. When these principles are in place on the production floor, work is completed efficiently and effectively.
Implementing 5S is not difficult but it requires discipline and persistence. TCA is uniquely qualified to help in overcoming the barriers to implementing and sustaining 5S principles.

Whatever your story, we can help you.

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