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You will learn how to apply Value Stream Mapping throughout the Enterprise. Most importantly you will learn how to keep your organization from falling back into the traditional approach. This workshop will help you direct a Lean transformation from the big picture. This workshop is designed for individuals charged with:

• Eliminating waste in an administrative process
• Improving flow of processes
• Problem solving
• Understanding methods to measure results
• Leading the culture change needed to sustain improvements

Call now for dates and times! 480.814.1152.

Workshop Overview

Getting Started
◊ Mapping Office Value Streams
◊ Visualize the process
◊ Value Stream Mapping basics
◊ Current State and Future State Value Streams

Identifying Waste
◊ Value added vs. non-value added
◊ 9 Wastes that add cost
◊ Value as perceived by the customer

Assessing the Office Current State
◊ Document and Identify
◊ Select Process Metrics
◊ Walking the Process
◊ Prioritize Work

Design the Current State
◊ Customer information and needs
◊ Identify processes in order
◊ Calculating system metrics
◊ Reflection Discussion

Designing a Future State Map
◊ No single correct future state
◊ The Devil is in the design
◊ Future state questions
◊ Performance checks
◊ Value or non-value? That is the question
◊ Working with fewer interruptions
◊ Control between interruptions
◊ Balancing workload
◊ Processes improvements

Company Objectives
◊ Match the Value Stream to company objectives, mission, and vision
◊ Developing a work plan

Value Stream Management
◊ Continue to improve
◊ Work in process