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Answer the below questions to assess your need for lean implementation and certification.

Material Response
1. Kanban replenishment processes visible (Internal & external)?

2. What is the overall inventory turnover, including Finished Goods, WIP and Purchased/Raw material?

3. What portion of the facility’s layout minimizes material handling?
Leadership & Teaming Response
4. What is the organization type?

5. Our front line employees are actively involved in change management, percentage of the time?

6. To what extent do people have job security?

7. What is the annual personnel turnover

8. What percentage of personnel (ALL Personnel) have received at least eight hours of formal team training?

9. What percentage of personnel are active members of formal work teams, quality teams, or problem-solving teams?
Human Resources & Software Response
10. Front Line Supervision has been trained in WC “supervision”, leadership techniques percentage for your company?

11. Culture indicative of and can support change?

12. Software/system support “lean” operations

13. Company has an aligned recognition and rewards system?
Processes Response
14. How many large-scale machines or single-process areas are in the plant through which 50% or more of different products must pass?

15. Company has program in-place to reduce process steps?

16. How easy is it to shift output when the product mix changes?

17. How easy is it to alter the total production rate by +/-15%?

18. What is management's target operating capacity for individual departments or machines?

19. Viable new product introduction process in place?
Maintenance Response
20. Equipment is State-of-the-art?

21. Equipment and tooling are well maintained?

22. Does maintenance have and follow a defined preventive schedule?

23. How often does unplanned maintenance happen?

24. What is the overall average availability of plant equipment? Ready for use time?
Layout & Handling Response
25. What portion of total space is used for storage and material handling?

26. What portion of the plant space is organized by function or process type?

27. 5S Housekeeping process in use?

28. How would you rate overall housekeeping and appearance of the plant?

29. How well could a stranger walking through your plant identify the processes and their sequence?

30. Facility has a cellular/focused factory layout?
Suppliers Response
31. What is the average number of suppliers for each raw material or purchased item?

32. Materials management is visible through an effective Sales, Production, Inventory (SPI) Planning process?

33. What portion of raw material & purchased parts comes from qualified suppliers with no need for incoming inspection?

34. What portion of raw material and purchased items is delivered directly to the point of use without incoming inspection or storage?

35. What portion of raw materials and purchased parts is delivered more than once per week?
Setups Response
36. What is the average overall setup time (in minutes) for major equipment?

37. What portion of machine operators have had formal training in Rapid Setup techniques?

38. To what extent are managers and workers measured and judged on setup performance?
Quality Response
39. What portion of total employees have had basic SPC training?

40. What portion of operations are controlled with Statistical Process Control (SPC)?

41. Quality is high and not an issue?

42. What is the overall defect rate?
Scheduling Response
43. What portion of work-in-process flows directly from one operation to the next without intermediate storage?

44. What portion of work-in-process is under Kanban?

45. What is the on-time delivery performance?
46. Shop lead time is monitored and measured?

47. Production is in-sync with demand?

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