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These workshops are led by Instructors who have years of hands-on industry experience and are experts in their fields.  Below are a few of the upcoming focused training courses.  If you do not see the workshop that you need, call our Director of Administration, Trina Green at (480) 814-1152 or send her an email for a full schedule.  We can also customize any of our workshops to fit your organization.  Both our on-site and public workshops guarantee your satisfaction. 

Plant Layout for Lean Manufacturing
This is a three day systematic, proven approach to rearrange and optimize your new or existing facilities; or plant consolidation.  You will learn the proper analysis of workflow, space and other important relationships to lower costs and improve profits.

You will learn through hands-on, step-by-step exercises, how to reduce materials handling, develop layouts and integrate new technologies.  Unlike other layout training this course is specifically designed to help you understand the driving solutions needed to optimize your layout.

Value Stream Mapping in an Office Environment
This 2-day workshop provides you with the tools you need to value stream your office processes to eliminate waste.  Understanding the flow of your processes in the office will provide a “snap-shot” of opportunity to create improvement, eliminate waste and increase profits. 

The greatest opportunities for improvement are often non-manufacturing, front office areas.  Ineffective processes in the office can make it difficult for other operations to do the best, most cost-effective work.  A true Lean enterprise must be Lean in every area. 

Hands-on Administrative Kaizen Event
This 2-5 day workshop will provide the administrative Lean tools to improve any transaction or service process.  Understanding and identifying activities that add cost and those that add value is key to process improvement.  Learning the tools that help you make competent decisions for work optimization is imperative. 

This workshop is unique in that you will quickly see a systematic way to improve your way of doing business.  You will also see the inefficiencies that you have added to your day-to-day work.  You will be able to go back to your company and immediately put these proven Lean methodologies to work!

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