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Lean techniques have driven a worldwide productivity explosion on the factory floor. TCA has adapted these powerful tools to eliminate costs and waste in the administrative environment and in transaction-based businesses.

Looking for a proven way to increase profits and add value for your customers? TCA Administrative Lean Services can help you achieve this and more.

Since 1984, we have worked with organizations like yours to enhance performance and accelerate growth. Our Administrative Lean Services are just one more way TCA is helping to build some of America's best companies.

A growing number of businesses and nonprofits are using Lean techniques to reduce administrative costs and achieve superior customer service, including:

• Manufacturing Offices
• Financial Institutions
• Hospitals and Clinics
• Charitable Foundations
• Insurance Companies
• Real Estate Brokerages
• Retail Stores
• Repair Services
• Restaurants
• Universities and Schools
• Food Service Organizations
• Publishers
• Government Agencies
• Churches

How Can Administrative Lean Services Help You Maintain Your Edge?

Administrative Lean can result in extraordinary cost and service improvements:

  1. Adding value through improved response time and customer service
  2. Driving higher levels of productivity that enable growth without adding people
  3. Eliminating frustrations by resolving chronic problems that irritate customers and employees
  4. Saving money by reducing overhead and generating greater profits

    • Reveal Waste and Needed Improvements
    • Eliminate Waste/Delays
    • Design Lean Process Flow
    • Quicker Response
    • Higher Productivity
    • Satisfied Customers
    • Greater Profits
    • Increased Sales
    • Measured Results
    • Ongoing Improvements

TCA's Proven Approach

TCA successfully applied Extreme Lean™ solutions to eliminate the root causes of waste and inefficiency in administrative processes. Our proven tools and techniques ensure dramatic, lasting performance improvements.

We begin with process mapping, then implement the tools of the competition quad and rapid improvement events. Performance measurement ensures that you stay on track and reap the full rewards of your efforts.

Process Mapping

Process mapping is the critical first step in virtually all improvement activities because it identifies the components of your business processes that are inefficient and/or costly. We work with you and your staff to create data-rich maps that provide the starting point for significant and lasting improvements.

The Competition Quad

The Competition Quad is a suite of interdependent tools and techniques for improving efficiency and eliminating waste. Using the data and visibility provided by the process mapping exercise, we incorporate these elements to correct faulty process steps that result in sub-par performance.

Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs)

Also called Kaizen events, RIEs are highly structured, team-based activities with specific improvement objectives. We help to plan the events and train the teams so they can apply the tools needed to meet your organizational objectives. RIEs are typically completed within a week. Team reports at the end of the events document the improvements—which often yield savings 5 times greater than the implementation cost.

Performance Measurement

Once the improvements are in place, we design and implement ongoing performance measurements to ensure you continue benefiting from improved efficiency and reduced costs. Good performance measurement nearly always results in additional improvement over time.

TCA Extreme Lean™ Experts

We've provided management consulting, technical assistance, and training programs to business and industry since 1984—companies set new directions by harnessing the power of World Class and Lean techniques.

Our clients are applying Extreme Lean™ capabilities to increase profits, grow market share and solidify long-term relationships with key customers.

Whatever combination of Lean, Six Sigma, Value Engineering or Information Technology tools your company needs, TCA associates are skilled in leading teams to achieve creative, cost-effective solutions.

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