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Six Sigma is a powerful methodology to achieve and sustain World Class quality.

World Class suppliers must offer near-perfect quality, with constant continuous improvement to create and maintain competitive advantage. Your customers expect exceptional product and service quality as well as competitive pricing. Give it to them with Six Sigma.

TCA will help you radically improve your quality management system with a solution tailored to your process and business needs. We’ll help you select and deploy the right blend of Six Sigma tools to achieve and exceed market demands.

TCA will also show you how to integrate Six Sigma with Lean Manufacturing to create a powerful blend of continuous improvement programs. You’ll enhance your reputation in the marketplace and exceed your customers’ expectations. Business processes will improve, variability will be reduced, and customer satisfaction will soar — all contributing positively to the bottom line.

TCA Six Sigma Program
    • Six Sigma Boot Camp
    • Six Sigma Belt Certifications
    • Reliability Engineering
    • Statistical Tools
• ISO 9000 Quality System Design
Quality Management
• Quality Engineering