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Setup Reduction: A Case Study of Crankshaft Grinding
Setup Reduction is one of the most used and most valuable Lean tools. Shorter setup times allow the production process to achieve greater flexibility, maximize machine capacity with little or no additional cost, and shrink lead times. An engine remanufacturer determined that crankshaft grinding was not meeting its TAKT time requirements.

Myers Case Study: From Loss to Profitability
Do you ever wonder about the real benefits of Lean, about the powerful transformation Lean can make in an company's future?

The Columbia (Lancair) Company – Demand Pull
When Technical Change Associates first began working with Columbia, customers had to sit on a waiting list for nearly 2 years before they could take delivery of a new plane. Although the company sold every plane it could make, management knew sales were well below their full potential and felt Columbia Aircraft was losing customers because of the long wait.

Marshall Gas Controls
Marshall Gas Controls, located in San Marcos, Texas is the leading producer of gas regulators for the outdoor cooking and RV markets. They hold a large share of that market. The business is extremely seasonal with almost all of the business distributed through the first 3 quarters of each year.

Designing a Cellular Manufacturing Plant: A Practical Application of JIT
This article focuses on the technology of cellular layouts, describing the process one company used to design and implement JIT and cellular manufacturing in two fabrication plants.

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