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PAY FOR PERFORMANCE (Hourly Employees)

For most companies, traditional pay systems do not adequately support World Class Manufacturing efforts. In fact, traditional pay systems often hinder progress because they’re not aligned with company goals or customer needs; at worst, they can increase payroll costs and reinforce an entitlement mentality.

TCA finds the best pay systems have direct impact on a company’s ability to compete. They must be closely linked with efforts to improve costs, quality, and delivery performance.

With over 12 years of in-depth experience, TCA is qualified to help you design effective hourly pay systems. The result will be a management tool that strengthens your efforts to improve and to develop World Class employees.


Design and implement a performance/skill-based compensation system that:

• Aligns employee efforts with business objectives and customer needs

• Reinforces improvement initiatives

• Clarifies performance expectations based on what the company values and rewards

• Provides supervisors with an objective tool to improve team and individual performance



To support this approach, TCA will:

• Confirm company goals and customer needs

• Facilitate development of performance standards and job skills

• Design a custom pay-for-performance system

• Train supervisors in proper use of the system

• Assist with the trial run and implementation period

• Guide ongoing system assessment and improvement


• Sharpening employee awareness of company goals and customer needs

• Creating a pay system that promotes World Class Manufacturing programs and philosophies

• Defining and correlating what the company expects, values, and rewards

• Positioning wages as an investment rather than an expense

• Recognizing and rewarding valuable skills and performance

• Making performance reviews more meaningful and timely

• Structuring a management tool to drive improvement in team and individual performance

• Encouraging the development of qualified, motivated employees who can be used in multiple areas

• Establishing clear, meaningful career paths

• Setting qualification criteria for incentives

• Building an effective device to attract and retain desired employees

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