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Attaining World Class manufacturing status demands planning and understanding the strategic direction for your company. For most, the lack of clear, concise strategic plans leads to uncoordinated efforts — with results that are below the levels necessary for maximum long-term growth and profitability. Establishing overall direction statements (mission and vision) and understanding your core competencies, markets, and competition are fundamental to achieving this World Class success.

TCA’s proven process helps your leadership team develop strategic plans for the entire organization to identify where future efforts should focus.


• Facilitate planning discussions that define direction statements
• Lead discussions that define markets, competition, and core competencies
• Align leadership efforts
• Communicate plans to entire organization
• Detail steps for implementation


• Define value/belief system, mission and vision, markets, core competencies, and competition
• Develop clear, concise summaries of these statements
• Decide overall objectives
• Establish supporting strategies for the business plan
   ◊ Marketing plan
   ◊ Operation plan
   ◊ Sales plan
   ◊ Distribution plan
• Do gap analysis and contingency planning
• Prepare 1 page plan summaries
• Implement strategic plan


To support this approach, TCA will:

• Facilitate leadership discussions
• Help with preparation of documents
• Coach and assist in implementation throughout the organization

TCA believes the keys to successful strategic planning are understanding and a commitment to overall company objectives. We honor this belief by encouraging full participation of your personnel in all phases.


• Your entire organization will understand company objectives
• The planning process, will allow leadership to continually update, monitor, and direct the company
• Planning activities can be repeated in subsequent years — creating a planning-oriented organization
• Monitoring planned activities becomes part of the normal process of doing business
• You'll have a clear, concise roadmap of activities
• 1-page planning process is accepted across the company
• The framework for success and commitment is established