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There’s now a simple way to enhance your competitive position by harnessing your marketing, production, and supply chain management knowledge. TCA's Systems and Resource Management process is a Lean-compatible approach to flawlessly managing all your corporate resources.

Bringing It All Together with Systems and Resource Management

This process brings together all the pieces so you can make the best possible use of current resources—reducing waste throughout your value streams and developing processes that bring greater levels of discipline to your business.

The result is a unified plan that integrates all essential information—from anticipated customer demand to production capacity on the shop floor. Let us help you implement this process to make your company stronger, leaner, and more competitive.

Connecting All the Pieces

You’ve invested a lot in resources—from your ERP system to various Lean processes in manufacturing, scheduling, and materials planning. Imagine the power of pulling together all these business activities into one unified system.

TCA’s System and Resource Management process is a powerful way to connect all the pieces. You can unite information from sales and marketing, materials planning, supply chain management, production and more into a cohesive whole, giving you a powerful tool to run your business.

You’ll be able to identify issues at a glance and begin taking action. The process enables you to plan and execute everything from material replenishment and takt times to daily production meetings.

Creating an Enterprise Model for Your Business

Our approach encompasses all processes in your value streams – from new product design to shipping finished product out the door. It interfaces with a software solution to give your leadership team required information organized in a clear and logical way. With this knowledge in hand, you can reduce more waste throughout the value stream—now and in the future.

Bottom-Line Results

Using this process, you can gain a better understanding of manufacturing capacity and make more appropriate product delivery
commitments. For example, one company improved on-time delivery rates from 65% to greater than 95%. Another client with $100 million in annual sales, reduced inventory by more than 50% by being able to better plan and execute production in accordance with customer requirements.

TCA Extreme Lean™ Experts

We've provided management consulting, technical assistance, and training programs to business and industry since 1984—helping companies set new directions by harnessing the power of World Class and Lean techniques.

Our clients are applying Extreme Lean™ capabilities to increase profits, grow market share, and solidify long-term relationships with key customers.

Whatever combination of Lean, Six Sigma, Value Engineering or Information Technology tools your company needs, TCA associates are skilled in leading teams to achieve creative, cost-effective solutions.