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Many companies now recognize the need to adopt World Class operations, technologies, and practices. But efforts to implement these programs are frequently stymied. Management can become disillusioned. Programs to build World Class capabilities, so vital to the organizations continued health and success may become stalled disappear.

To set and steer an organization’s course today requires one thing above all: teamwork. Teams are at the center of all effective World Class technologies and practices, such as Six Sigma, Lean, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The challenge is to take a group of diverse individuals and create a cohesive team capable of World Class performance.

TCA's capabilities in operations consulting, combined with a proven expertise in team building and change management will help you achieve World Class benefits.


Team building is a process where a team, with facilitator assistance:

• Builds awareness of factors that influence team performance
• Learns to examine performance with respect to those factors
• Takes action to improve effectiveness
• Sets common goals, makes decisions, resolves differences, and solves common problems

Team building supports and encourages risk taking, creativity, understanding, and trust — in ways that promote the teams mission while addressing individual needs.


Through experience, TCA has identified several primary objectives of team-building efforts — to:

• Create a realistic vision of improved effectiveness

• Develop teams that will address current business problems or expand World Class capabilities.

• Teach participants capabilities and skills

• Train internal resources to lead team meetings, instruct other teams, and coordinate the team building processes

• Establish and document plans for the team-building process


TCA has developed a step-by-step approach to achieve team building objectives:

Team Building Approach


We support the execution of these steps by:

• Assessing each team’s needs, concerns, issues, goals, and opportunities

• Structuring and documenting pilot implementation projects that address significant business problems

• Clarifying a shared vision, missions, roles, and guidelines teams

• Preparing and delivering team development workshops and team working skills training

• Maintaining the focus of the pilot teams on assigned project objectives

• Action planning for enhanced team effectiveness and long-term results

• Providing follow-on team training, support, guidance, and assessment

• Developing in-house resources for ongoing work


An investment in TCA’s assistance with your team building will yield many benefits:

• You will overcome the inertia or organizational procrastination that can delay indefinitely the move to World Class technologies

• We will help you identify the best possible starting point in the form of carefully selected pilot projects

• Your management team will understand and apply team building concepts and principles

• Participants will have a greater understanding of their value as individuals and as team members, as well as the significant role each has in supporting growth, creativity, productivity, and quality

• You will be spared the frustration and expense of team-building programs that make people feel good, but produce too few lasting improvements or results

• Pilot team members will form a core of grass roots experts to encourage and support expansion

• Your in-house coordinator will be capable of leading and project management support

• Expansion of your team-building program will be based on a clear vision of the role that team-building can play in addressing vital business needs and opportunities

Teams, not individuals, are the fundamental learning unit in modern organizations. Unless the team can learn, the organization cannot learn.

--The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization