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Precise work standards are the key to estimating, production forecasting, scheduling, and costing. Accurate, up-to-date standards give management the data necessary to analyze work requirements and production output.

These standards usually are defined as all the “touch labor” time combined with machine process time to complete a task or build a part. They also can be attached to indirect labor tasks.

Reliable standards will restore confidence in your work measurement systems while significantly enhancing your efforts to become a World Class manufacturer.


• Develop reliable standards that reflect current processes, methods, and equipment.

• Train an internal resource to maintain standards using latest work measurement software and techniques.

• Integrate standards into estimating, scheduling, performance measurement, and cost reporting systems.

TCA's process includes these steps:


TCA will assist in:

• Setting goals for the work measurement effort

• Structuring and validating clear-cut standards

• Training internal resources to apply and maintain standards

• Integrating standards with internal systems


• Improved accuracy in:
◊ Estimating
◊ Manpower scheduling
◊ Performance measurement
◊ Cost reporting

• Credible production targets

• More efficient use of equipment

• Clear sense of need for additional equipment or headcount

• Troublesome tasks, methods, or processes revealed

• Ability to quickly estimate requirements for new products

• Documentation of best practices

• Increased expertise in the latest work measurement techniques