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Lean Manufacturing Training/Developing Front-Line Supervisors

World Class performance requires a fundamentally different approach to managing hourly employees. To perform well, they must learn and apply new skills and disciplines. Values, expectations, measurements, and rewards have to be aligned, clearly communicated, and consistently administered. Team development is imperative. As a part of Lean Manufacturing Training we teach that a much greater degree of collaboration with peers is required to meet today's demand for flawless execution of production plans.

Front-line supervisors are often expected to provide this new kind of leadership without adequate preparation. Consequently, they struggle with the dramatic change in their role. Unable to adapt to the fast-changing environment driven by aggressive implementation of World Class Manufacturing, they can become a barrier to success.

TCA’s Lean manufacturing training for supervisors develops the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors through a combination of classroom training and on-the-job coaching to build skill and confidence in a remarkably short time.


• Refresh or provide a basic understanding of World Class (or Lean) Manufacturing techniques

• Ensure supervisors have adequate knowledge of the products and processes for which they are responsible

• Clarify and document performance standards

• Provide an easy-to-use method for communicating performance standards to employees

• Create a mechanism for coaching — positively, frequently and consistently

• Develop the supervisor’s ability to lead teams in decision-making and problem-solving activities

• Show supervisors how to coordinate shared organization resources on behalf of their teams


Our skilled professionals will work with you and your supervisors to bring a greatly improved style of leadership to the hourly workforce in your company— driven by the needs of a dynamic, high performance work environment. Using a structured implementation project, we will:

• Review the company’s business strategy and related goals, policies, procedures, and programs to identify key performance criteria

• Develop a custom learning experience for supervisors based on fundamentals of World Class supervision and performance standards unique to your company

• Facilitate the development of tailored performance measurement tools that will anchor the new supervisory approach

• Identify and document basic job skills and requirements to support the performance measurement approach

• Provide coaching for every supervisor in applying the knowledge, skill, and tools they have received to achieve superior team performance

• Certify qualified supervisors as they meet World Class leadership criteria


Your journey to World Class excellence will be significantly accelerated by Lean manufacturing training through first-line supervisors who share your vision and have the tools to help make it a reality.